Information release
Published 11 August 2021

Budget 2021

Information release for tax policy Budget 2021 documents. This release will be progressively updated as documents are made available - see the change log for the latest changes.

Documents in this information release

Date Reference Document
Title Download
9 February 2021 T2021/85
Tax policy report Formulation of the Government's revenue strategy[1] PDF (373 KB)
4 March 2021 T2021/314
Tax policy report Draft revenue strategy and high-level tax policy work programme for comment progress update[1] PDF (340 KB)
14 May 2021 IR2021/225 Tax policy report Taxation (Budget 2021 and Remedial Measures) Bill: Approval for introduction[2] PDF (229 KB)


[1] Released on 5 August 2021 and also available on the Budget 2021 website (Revenue Portfolio).

[2] Related documents released on 5 August 2021 and available on the Budget 2021 website (Social Development and Employment Portfolio).