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Information release
Published 21 January 2020

Cabinet paper DEV-19-SUB-0336: Purchase price allocation - release of officials' issues paper

Description Information release for the Purchase price allocation issues paper, released for public consultation in December 2019.
Date published 21 January 2020
Documents in this information release
  1. IR2019/554 T2019/3648 – Tax policy report: Purchase price allocation (13 November 2019)
  2. DEV-19-SUB-0336 – Cabinet paper: Purchase price allocation issues paper (4 December 2019)
  3. DEV-19-MIN-0336 – Minute: Purchase price allocation: release of officials' issues paper (4 December 2019)
Additional information

The Cabinet paper was considered by the Economic Development Committee on 4 December 2019 and confirmed by Cabinet on 9 December 2019.

One attachment to the Cabinet paper is not included in this information release as it is publicly available:

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