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Whether you’re paying tax, receiving payments such as Working for Families, or benefiting from government expenditure on health, education or welfare, you have an interest in the tax system working well.  With so many interactions happening every day, it’s vital that when you deal with the tax system it’s as simple and as efficient as possible.

The Government wants to ensure that the tax system works for you.  The tax system should be simple and make it easy for people to get right, but difficult to get wrong.  It should be fair and support high levels of overall compliance. 

Improvements should ensure that businesses spend less time on tax and more time on running their business.  Costs to customers of complying and to the Government of administering the tax system, should be kept to a minimum.

This forum introduces you to the broad direction the Government intends to take to modernise and simplify the administration of the tax system.  Your views on that direction are important.  The ideas explored here are in the early stages of development and will be subject to more detailed consultation in the coming years.


High level proposals for business individuals and social policy customers


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