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Payments to be more regular

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The discussion document proposes that Child Support payments be more regular.  People with income from a business or self-employment would make payments earlier and more regularly than they do now.  Employers would deduct Child Support payments from the salary or wages of all liable parents, whether they were employees or contractors.

At the moment, this only happens if a liable parent falls behind with their Child Support payments. Beneficiaries can have Child Support payments deducted from their benefit.

This proposal treats Child Support payments in the same way as PAYE tax and Student Loan repayments – which are already automatically deducted from salary or wages.

The Government believes this would help parents who pay Child Support to get it right from the start.  Automatic deductions from salary or wages would mean parents would be less likely to get into debt and face late payment penalties.

Some parents come to arrangements where, for example, one parent agrees to pay the school fees for the child.  The Government proposes that these types of private arrangements could count towards Child Support if the parents agree.

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