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Businesses that don't use software

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 Whilst AIM has been developed as a provisional tax method that supports accounting software use. We are interested to know whether small and medium sized businesses that don’t use software could calculate an accurate provisional tax payment using the AIM option (i.e. provisional tax payments based on accounting income). Inland Revenue will develop specifications based on what we consider the important components to be to enable a business to make payments using AIM. At a very minimum we would expect a double entry system that is reconciled with a business bank account and that identifies period end debtors and creditors.

We are interested to hear from those who don't use accounting software on how they think this could be structured.

For more detailed policy analysis and further feedback opportunities in relation to the ability of businesses to use AIM without using software click here

"I can't see any reason to use software as Excel is far more flexible."

“I have a very small business- I just don't think I would use anything like that because my transactions are minimal”.

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