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Implementing the change for PAYE Information

What issues might third parties face?

Some employers use third parties such as bookkeepers, accountants and payroll specialists to run their payroll and meet their PAYE obligations. Their role is important because they free employers to focus on their core business and bring professional skills and knowledge to these tasks.

The proposed approach of software connecting directly to Inland Revenue should work for third parties as it will for employers. However, there might be instances where the third party does not currently receive the level of information required to set up a new employee in the future at the commencement of employment.


Are there additional issues that need to be considered when thinking about how the proposed new PAYE services would work for third parties such as bookkeepers, accountants, payroll bureau and payroll intermediaries?


Martin Hay
We are normally running 2-4 weeks behind the shop floor. A way of verifying employees IRD number/name spelling would be good.

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8 months ago
Software training contractor
A validation option for these outfits to double-check new employee details would help minimise tax code/kiwisaver/PAYE errors. DoB optional field would help no doubt. Having the ability to nominate a check step period between the actual payment to employees and submission of data to IRD can't hurt either - would be another way of minimising SNAFUs.

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8 months ago
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