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Business accounting systems interacting with Inland Revenue

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The Government proposes that business accounting systems be able to interact with Inland Revenue systems directly. This would remove the need for people to take information out of their accounting system and enter it on an electronic or paper GST return. It should reduce the effort and time spent on filing GST returns and also some sources for errors and problems – Inland Revenue receives a lot of returns which are incomplete, contain errors, or are unreadable. This creates extra work for both Inland Revenue and those who filed the return.

Current state

Future state using integrated accounting software


The Government thinks the process should not be fully automatic, but be a deliberate step requiring the person operating the accounting software to click a “submit GST information to IR now” step. This will ensure they have the chance to check the information is true and correct before it is submitted to Inland Revenue.

A significant number of GST-registered persons use third parties, such as tax agents, tax advisors, accountants or bookkeepers, to help them with meeting their GST obligations. Generally, the proposal is expected to provide the same benefits to third parties submitting GST information on behalf of their clients as they will for GST-registered persons themselves.

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