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Using this website

This website sets out the Government's proposals to improve the Tax Administration Act.

You can find the index of all proposals, and the background to them, by clicking on the Learn more and tell us  box, or choosing the area you're  interested in at the top of each page - e.g. Role of Taxpayers and Agents

From either of these, you can choose the subjects you're most interested in. More information is given about each subject.

The Government is interested in feedback on its ideas on many of these subjects -  e.g. questions like What should tax agent services look like in the transformed administration?

On a question page like this, you can:

  • post a comment in reply to the question. You'll need to provide an email address and create a user name (which does not need to be your real name), and your comment will appear on the site once it's been checked
  • post a comment in reply to someone else's comment. The same rules as above apply here
  • indicate whether you agree (thumbs up) or disagree (thumbs down) with someone else's comment. No user name or email address is required to do this
  • on some question pages, vote on an opinion poll. No user name or email address is required to do this either.

This website explains these proposals, and invites feedback. For a comprehensive explanation of these proposals, see the discussion document.

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