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Collecting information for other agencies

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Increased information sharing is a priority for government, as a means to deliver better public services.  Looking at how information is collected is another possible method of achieving efficiency and reducing compliance costs for customers interacting with government.

The discussion document Making Tax Simpler – better administration of PAYE and GST asks whether there is information that employers provide to other government agencies that could more appropriately be provided to Inland Revenue through the PAYE process.  

The Government is not currently proposing any broad changes to the type of information that Inland Revenue collects.  However, once the modernised tax administration is in place, there will be opportunities to consider how information might be collected on behalf of other agencies.  If information is to be collected on behalf of other agencies, legislative change is likely to be required. 

In considering collection on behalf of others, there are a number of issues, in addition to the wider government efficiency benefit, to be worked through.  In particular, if Inland Revenue were to collect additional information on behalf of other agencies, the Government would want to be confident that this would not compromise the integrity of the tax system and, specifically, compliance with tax obligations.

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