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Releasing information with taxpayer consent

Do you think consent-based disclosure should be permitted, and should it be limited to within government?

Allowing taxpayers to consent to their information being released could potentially enable greater participation in optional cross-government services, such as initiatives to make updating contact details across government easier. 

The possibility of consent becoming essentially mandated or coerced is, however, a primary concern.  While this could apply equally to sharing both within and outside of government, there is potentially greater concern around the issues outside of government.  For example, the possibility exists of commercial providers of credit requiring tax records before processing or approving a credit application.  This would effectively make the consent mandatory and result in significantly more information about a taxpayer’s private financial affairs becoming available.

This may suggest that should consent-based disclosure be permitted, it should, at least in the first instance, be limited to within government.


Graham Brown
The difficulty with consented release is that some may be coerced whether inside or outside government so while it may seem that consented release is an advantage it can have the unintended effect of putting pressure on an individual who may not want to release the information but feels they have no choice. On that basis I feel the status quo should remain.

Do you agree with this comment?

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7 months ago
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