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Advice and disputes procedures

Are the current advice options working effectively?

To guide future considerations, the Government seeks feedback on whether the current options for taxpayers to seek Inland Revenue’s view on specific issues are working effectively.

If not, the Government welcomes readers’ views on how these products may be improved to better meet future needs taking account of the wider business transformation objectives, including proposals around the time bar and penalties.


David Close, Treasurer, Anglican Parish of East Christchurch
Generally speaking, I have found IRD systems well designed and straightforward to use. However, when an unusual situation arises, some IRD staff appear not to know what to do. Let me give an example. Our new parish was formed from three former parishes, which had varying dates for filing GST returns. I set out the complex situation clearly in writing, and received a helpful reply, but the IRD system ignored the information I had given and I received numerous erroneous communications over the following months. Finally an IRD spent about 45 minutes on the phone with me; she went into various files and sorted out most of the problems, which need not have occurred. It appears that information had been filed, but not acted on. My plea is that the system should be flexible enough to deal with unusual circumstances, and that taxpayers should have access to people who can sort out problems. Even the best designed technology requires an intelligent human being to do trouble-shooting.

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7 months ago
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